Auto repair help, Chiropractic, Massage Care by San Diego Chiropractors“Need auto repair help? Our Team at San Diego Chiropractors is happy to refer you to reputable repair shops as we work toward helping you after the accident.”

What do I do with my car after an accident?
If you have been lucky enough to not be injured in the car accident, perhaps you car wasn’t. If your vehicle was damaged and the accident was not your fault, here are some recommendations and guidelines to help you through the process of repairing your vehicle:

What would be covered?
If the accident was not entirely your fault, you are entitled to being fully reimbursed for damage done to your vehicle as well as damage to any personal items inside. Examples of these personal items would be eye wear, clothing, sports equipment or other personal items that were with you at the time of the accident.
Auto repair help, Chiropractic, Massage Care by San Diego Chiropractors
How do I get my car repaired?
Dealing with Insurance adjusters and/or auto repair shops can be confusing and maybe at times difficult. Is your car drivable?
• Your car in drivable condition – In this case you would contact the “at fault” parties insurance company to get an estimate or you may be asked to take it to you insurance company’s repair location. Once you receive an estimate, you may take your car to the auto repair facility of your choice to begin repairs.
• Your Car is not in drivable condition – The insurance company will send an adjuster out to estimate the damage to your car. Upon estimate, the adjuster would then write you a check for the repairs. If your car has been towed to a repair shop or salvage yard, it is important to take it to the repair shop of your choosing as quickly as possible because these places typically charge daily storage fees.

It is your choice to fix it or not.
You can actually choose not to fix your car or not. For example, if the estimate for the damage to your car was $3,000 but it is only cosmetic and still drivable and safe, you may opt out of the repair and keep the money. You are entitled to that money whether you decide to repair your vehicle or not. However if there is a lienholder on your vehicle then it would be advisable to get the repairs done.

It is your choice to keep the car or not.
If the insurance estimate comes back higher than the value of your car, either insurance company has the option to pay you the value of your vehicle. They are entitled to do this. However, in this situation it is still your right to keep the car. For example, if the car is totaled and deemed worth $6,000 and the car can still run(or not), you may keep it along with the $6,000 check(minus perhaps there salvage fee of let’s say $500 the insurance company may claim as their profit in this situation). The car may also have parts or components that you would like to keep as well. Just be aware that if you plan to operate the vehicle, it must be safe to drive and be able to pass inspection.