Corrective Care


Corrective care is more of a process. It is creating enough treatments or as we like to say “healthy impressions” on the spine over a longer period of time to create permanent change in musculoskeletal system to remove the root cause of the patients symptoms. This amount of care takes more time than Relief care and varies due to the severity of the condition, age and physical fitness.

Corrective care first reconnects the nervous system then ultimately stabilizes the spine over time. It also involves instituting short stretches and exercises to help maintain the correction achieved within the office. The effectiveness is increased up to 40% when these simple stretches and exercises are performed in conjunction with the chiropractic treatments. The way one sits at their work station, diet, stress levels as well. During Corrective care, patients are amazed at the changes they witness in their own anatomy. It invoices a dedication of treatments to office and home.

Every patient based on their individual health goals, will have to decide whether to correct the underlying cause of the problem or to just patch the problem as one does in Relief care.