“We treat Migraines and other form of headaches effectively at all of our chiropractic offices.”

Our chiropractors consider a person as an integrated being, giving special attention to the spine, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves utilizing various techniques to achieve optimal long lasting results.

There are various types of migraines that have produced a huge market for drugs that only cover up the symptoms but due not address and/or correct the underlying cause of these migraines. Migraines are mainly biochemical however many migraines are a sign that your nervous system is not functioning optimally or properly. It is when the spinal bones of the neck are out of alignment compromising the nerves muscle and/or blood supply to the head.

Chiropractic can be just as effective as drugs in treating Migraines.

Poor Posture: Posture in which the head is forward rather than central causes stresses on the shoulder muscles and neck ultimately affecting the nerves of the upper neck creating stresses on the upper vertebrae of the neck thus irritating the nerves that go to brain which can also affect the biochemistry and thus resulting in a migraine.

Our Doctors will locate and detect areas of the concern in regards to Migraines. Once the source is determined through a detailed exam then our chiropractors will utilize various methods along with chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy modalities, therapeutic stretches and exercises to correct the underlying cause of the problem at all of our chiropractic offices.